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You’re breaking my heart
today feel that we miss
the things are not as I thought
When I met you thought you could
be that special guy who could
away from it all with just your voice heard but over this time I onlyrealize that we are closer to the rupture sentimental.Y is when I give your friends reason that I am not the best person for you.
Once again of course I do not deserve you thinking
because we know you’re very special to all around you and that whatever happens you will be my fault.

it’s funny that I have no luck to have such good friends like youwho care about how I’m going and the like, I have only known that at some point will feel sorry for me because of what might happenbut you forget the family including around me at some point in meto forget and I get back I think I can count on you or at leastimagine that and I believe that if you drop me your hand d ela butyou will not be times when you’re about to throw it all away.

and I really appreciate that you give me the opportunity to followyour footsteps in the way that you are drawing in this uncertainpace of life that we are.

I feel sad and do not know how to tell you what makes me feel bad without having to come to fight and say things that hurtpuendan. I want more attention you already, there is one where nomore attention than me but I understand that it is not possible.

I know I am very weak and I know that you have your reasons for not wanting to go home, why bother you that my mother and which are birthday so this would not be like me and want to change your mind for you around my but you can not.

sometimes I do believe I’m just a fad which is soon bored and discard.

some of your actions that make me feel and that’s why I get angrywhen you take more seriously other people than me, worth more than it hurts when I do. That feel at that moment and that is why I get mad.

I try but I can hardly get over it and be able to reflect that it is too late that something stupid I said or did.

I just want to fill your expectations and you love me without any problem on all things.

not that …
not to do
not have to do to make you happy

I love you or at least I’m
hey even if you never felt this way by someone else and not know the difference of true love and what you stand for me right now.

maybe and just maybe then we can talk without any problem.




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